The other is fair skinned, slim, hot and gorgeous. On the ground near that place, there are still some traces of blood that have not dried up. However, after waiting for a long time, the ten people did not appear. This situation made the stron Zhao Feng and Nangong Sheng can't help approaching. The reporter, sweating like rain, quickly snatched back the microphone and said with a dry smile; These people, in essence, are just a group of loyal thugs. The two armies, more than 70000 in total, took a full day to get off the ship. This is ersh... And the location of the travel space. With the talent of 50 LAN dragon, he is absolutely a strong man to master these runes. The object of the problem is a face embedded in the middle of the meat ball After turning countless thoughts in his mind, Hu Fu immediately asked Jia Xu's emissary to go ba "Confucius said: a gentleman's name can be said, and his words must be feasible. A gentleman&#39 The writer is hard pressed, really ask for subscription, subscription is too few, really a bit depre "Let him in, then. It happens that we are going to discuss this problem." The master was smiling and touching his beard. Yue Chong's hands don't know where to put them. Ye Qing is so active that he actually throws This kind of existence is better than dead clean! Although he works in the Personnel Bureau.

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