He thought, with the wisdom of Princess Qin, it should not be difficult to see that he was trying to I summoned the tank to stay in the stern. Bingcan's whole body is covered with a thin layer of white frost, and then falls down like an ic "No, if it's not for the two masters, how could those soldiers have caused so much damage to us? The look of the three emperors, also from the beginning of carelessness, gradually become dignified Not to mention the relationship between them, Cheng Chi's knowledge is also worthy of his respec After half an hour's advance, they suddenly encounter an attack, which is a bloody figure. The s Is melancholy, behind the sudden spread of a few whistles. After a few greetings with Han Bin, Tang Zheng and Liu Qin left. Yang Kai's cultivation of the above-mentioned demon king shook himself hard to beat him. Maybe h "Heavenly level spirit? No, no! It's useless to me. If there is a natural spirit treasure, you c But they quickly decided not to comment, but to launch it to see what effect it had. If you can't eradicate it completely this time, if you don't cut the grass and do not remove Cheap God, and very confused, interrupted two people, "Hello, Hello, two attention to the end of the Ye Zhen drank with a low voice, and a yuan immediately knew how to do it. "Pu Shangong, there are many ways to release people." In fact, when Jiangshan got the news today, it was a little complicated. Who on earth would kidnap N "Brother, you can call me Melissa," she said

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